Camp Dresses

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Stock changes frequently & we can't always keep the website updated. We will have dresses in stock not shown here.

These 2 pc dresses are appropriate for any kind of Indian doin's, and are worn by members of tribes from Alaska to Arizona.

Traditional ribbon-shirt style tops with gathered bodice. Elastic waist skirt. These are often made with 3/4 length sleeves, since they are often worn when cooking.

Hand wash & hang dry to keep these cotton colors bright.

Wear with bone & bead necklaces (shown), beadwork necklaces, or shell necklaces.

Little Girls Camp Dresses



Top Left: Wine/Lt Blue-Sz 4-5T, Skirt 12" long $50 SOLD

Top Right: Teal Floral-Sz 6, Skirt 16" long $50

Bottom Left: Orange Calico-Sz 6, Skirt 17" long $50

Bottom Right: SW Tan/Orange-Sz 6, Skirt 17" long $50

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Larger Girls & Teens Camp Dresses


Left: Girls Yellow/Blue Calico - Size 10-12, Bust 32",Skirt 21" L $75 Good for chubby girl SOLD

Middle: Girls Red Calico - Size 10-12, Bust 32" Skirt 21" L $75 Good for chubby girl SOLD

Right: Ladies X-SM Black/Pink - Bust 32", Top 25" L, Skirt 32" L $100 SOLD Good for tall & thin girl

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Ladies Camp Dresses with 3/4 length elastic sleeves

Dk Green Calico 1X $135   Bright Green LG $135
Skirt length 32" SOLD           Skirt length 28" SOLD

Rose Calico 1X $135 SOLD     Peach Floral 1X $135 SOLD
Skirt length 35"           Skirt length 32"

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2. Style & Pricing Information
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Items Shown Below Are Not For Sale

        Camp Dress for a Citizen Potawatomi Nation teen

        Camp Dress             Applique on Camp Dress

    Toddler camp dresses for Apache girls

Camp Dresses have been called many names, including "Squaw Dress" by older generations. They have been the choice for daily wear, powwow dancing & any kind of "Indian doin's" for generations of Indian women.

Each tribe has their own style of making & decorating the dress. Some tribes have gathered sleeves, gathered bodices, or ribbon decoration to distinguish their dresses from other tribes.

These dresses are generally made from cotton calico fabrics, but washable satins also make nice dresses. They are often worn during the heat of the afternoon at powwows. They are also practical for pregnant or nursing mothers. The sleeves are often elbow length, and the skirts usually hit mid-calf.

Add $25 for appliqued designs on skirt

Teen/Adult Camp Dresses start at $135
Girls Camp Dresses start at $75
Toddler Camp Dresses start at $50

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Items Shown Below Are Not For Sale

    White cotton/ lace sleeves     White w/Elaborate Floral Applique


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