T-Dress, Sun Dance & Ribbon Dresses

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1. For Sale - In Stock
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 Ladies Print T-Dresses - In Stock

Purple silky polyester print Size XL
dress is cut to fit a taller thinner Indian
build woman, fits bust to 42-43", fit hips
to 46", Length 50" Shoulder to hem $65

100% Polyester, Hand Wash & Hang Dry.

Breastplate Not Included
Belt Not Included - See Concho Belt Page

    Girls T-Dresses - In Stock

Girls 4T soft cotton knit shown at left
$35 dress Belt shown is natural leather
Fits waist 21-26" $40 Sold Separately

Hand Wash, Hang Dry.

Girls bright cotton print dress - Size 12
Fits bust up to 34", Length 43" $55

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2. Style & Pricing Information
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Items Shown Below Are Not For Sale

Sundance Dresses w/apron
Wool-blend Banded Tradecloth (L)
Cotton (R) Both have inset side panels

Wool-blend Tradecloth Dress
Photo by Paul Gowder www.powwows.com

A Brief History

A-Line dresses have been worn by women around the world for thousands of years. Women of many North American tribes have worn their own versions of A-line skin dresses at some point. These dresses are still worn by many tribes today, made from skin or cloth in a variety of styles, depending on tribal affiliation.

Some dresses are made with a "gusset" panel inset into the side seams of the dress. This style dates back to the time when woven wool stroud cloth first became available to Indian women for clothing. The early looms could only weave fabric about 24" wide. Some woman needed dresses larger than 48" around, so they set in an extra panel at the side. It became fashion in some tribes to set the panel a few inches longer than the dress hem, to mimic the "legs" on old deerskin dress styles. This style is still worn by some plains tribes today.

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       Ladies Brocade T-Dresses
Suitable for Wedding Dress

These Beige & White brocade dresses with metallic floral brocade Dresses were both made for Indian weddings. Dresses are SOLD - $85 ea

White Heart hair ties & barrettes
We don't normally carry beadwork
$85 ea SOLD
Earrings $20 SOLD

Belts Sold Separately - See Concho Belt Page

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Items Shown Below Are Not For Sale

100% Wool Banded Tradecloth
with inset side panel

Beadwork set matching dress above


Ladies A-Line or "T" Dresses
Shawls, Purses & Leggings

We make cloth dresses in a variety of styles and fabrics. We also make matching shawls and half-shawls to carry, purses, back trailers, & cloth leggings.

We can co-ordinate designs with beadwork, as shown on the orange dress at left, made using 100% wool tradecloth.

This orange dress would be $350, matching purse w/bone & bead fringe was $75, tradcloth half- shawl for $125 fringed (not yet fringed in photo).

Dresses decorated with applique generally run $125 - $225, depending on fabric & amount of labor. Expensive fabrics such as tradecloth or bridal fabrics, & elaborately decorated dresses will run more. Shawls Full size shawls from 60"-70" wide are fringed on all four sides. They normally range in price from $125 - $250 , depending on decoration. See more information about shawls on the Shawl Page of the website.

Half-size shawls in gabardine & satin are fringed on the bottom only, because the are carried over your arm when dressed in regalia. They normally run $60-$75 depending on decoration.

Purses (see below) are often carried by Cloth Dancers, made in matching fabrics & designs. Purses normally run $60-$75.

Cloth Leggings may be worn by dancers depending on the style of their tribal heritage style. They match an outfit. Leggings are decorated with designs from the dress, and normally run $60-$75 , but can run up to $125 in tradecloth or with very elaborate decoration such as with a fancy shawl outfit.


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Items Shown Below Are Not For Sale

Traditional Diamond & Cross Design
You may have seen sorry copies of our work,
but THIS is the original!

Ribbon Dress is a term sometimes used in eastern states for an A-line style cloth dress. In response to a request for a ribbon dress style, we created our ORIGINAL DESIGN in 2004, inspired by designs used on our Oklahoma Cherokee style tear dresses. The basketwork diamond & cross design runs along the sleeve & hem. The matching shawl has the diamond & cross design running across the shawl.

Dress $150, Matching shawl $150.

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6X T-Dress w/sleeve fringe $140 Retail Value
Testing Cost under the new law - $1900

Dress hanging in the House of Representatives
in Washington D.C.

This red girls dress was created as a visible example of endangered traditional childrens regalia when a new law was enacted in late 2008. The photo below shows it hanging in the House of Representatives on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. during a hearing on the law.

The purpose of the dress was to make Congress aware of the unintended results of a new law. It would effectively destroy what is left of our cultures by preventing everyone from making & selling regalia to dress Native children in cultural attire and passing traditions on to our children until age 13.

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) of 2008 was signed into law by President GW Bush before he left office, but was actually created by a Democratic group. Having a typical distrust of all politicians until proven honest, I felt the new law was intended to line the pockets of the owners & stockholders of required testing labs, since the law did not include MANY dangerous substances in the legal testing requirements. Example: Dangerous cadmium jewelry was imported & sold at Walmart after the law was enacted.

As a woman whose family and life has been virtually destroyed by racism against Indians, I absolutely refused to shut up and allow the government to force assimilation on Native chilren again! Over my dead body! Literally! I proved that a smart Indian can raise hell from the middle of nowhere!

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Michaela (Comanche) & a little Omaha Jingle Dancer
Girls Dresses

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3. Photo Archive Section
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Items Shown Below Are Not For Sale

Ladies Northern & Southern Cloth Dresses

Hannah & Raven Springwater

Lakota style




Sister outfits

Wedding Basket

1/2 shawl

Girls dress


Princess in OK

Garment suede fringe

Pieced Star

Star accessories


Dress made for
a Tsimsian lady

Beautiful colors

1/2 shawl-purse-dress

Dress with
sleeve fringe

Four Directions

Pre-teen Girls

Garment suede
fringe added

This one was
LOTS of work!

Satin dress & ribbon
fringe on 1/2-shawl

Dress & 1/2 Shawl
for Lakota dancer

Star Quilt design
LOTS of work!

Red Cotton for
Yankton girl

Southwestern or
Taino Style

Dress for Oglala
Lakota dancer

Lakota dress
& full shawl

Waterbirds & Florals
W/Burgundy Belt

Colorful Dress
& Full Shawl

Ribbon Dress

Rising Phoenix
& 7-Point Stars

Rising Phoenix & Stars Shawl
Matches Dress at Left

Jennifer Moses
at Red Earth

Tradecloth dress
shown at left

Sheryl Botone-Kiowa

Velvet Dress
Cowry Shells

Comanche John
& Lori Keel

   Photo above by
Paul Gowder @

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