Ladies Eastern Tribal Fashions

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  German Silver Comb

German Silver comb has slots for ribbon, worn on the back of head by ladies of many tribes such as Chickasaw, Choctaw, Caddo. $125 SOLD

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Items Shown Below Are Not For Sale

      Diamond Band $275       Diamond Band $275

      Ribbon Bands $225     Diamond Band $275
Concho belt not included

    Bear Claws $275     Ancient Wave Design $275
Concho belt not included

Diamond pattern $275
Concho belt not included

Style Tear Dresses

Cherokee author & storyteller Kathy Copeland

The Cherokee Tear Dress was adopted as the official style of the Cherokee Nation of OK over 30 yrs ago. In the past 20 years, it's been adopted by Cherokees & descendants everywhere. This modern style is based on a dress that came to Indian Territory on the Trail of Tears.

The original calf length dress had 3/4 length sleeves & was worn with a white turkey feather cape (retired a few years later). A later Cherokee Nation Princess began wearing floor-length dresses with long sleeves in the 90's, as the style became widely popular.

Our dresses are adapted from the original Cherokee Tear Dress style. We make dresses without the original set-in waist, so they fit more people. We make 2-pc dresses for ease of traveling, & use a neckline ruffle instead of the original stand-up collar. Our dresses have a 2-button yoke instead of buttons all the way down the front.

Our standard dresses have ribbon trim ($225), or design bands with diamond & cross design (shown), 7-point stars (not shown), or pre-Columbian wave design ($275). Dresses like Kathy's shown above are $275. Finger-woven belt not included.

We make our dresses the traditional way using squares & rectangles, based on your measurements. Please be flexible on color choices.

Wedding dresses available with adequate notice.

Most recently, the Eastern Band of Cherokee have adopted an early-historic period style of dress. We haven't heard how well this style is being accepted among the Eastern Band Cherokees.

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Items Shown Below Are Not For Sale


Contemporary Tear Dress Style

We designed our Contemporary Tear Dress style for ladies who want a more modern look than the traditional Tear Dress, without all the ruffles on top.

Our 2-pc dress has a ribbon shirt top with decorative bands on the shoulders & sleeves, just like a Tear Dress. The tiered calf-length skirt has a decorative band just above the bottom tier.

They're shown here with concho belts (not included), & look great in solid colors. Add turquoise or shell jewelry, and they're ready for any special occasion.

Prices start at $275 for adult sizes w/decorative bands. Belts sold separately on Concho Belt page.

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Items Shown Below Are Not For Sale

Delaware (Lenape) Style Wrap Skirts
Cloth Leggings (Trailer visible in 2nd photo)


          Isabelle Brown               Cowrie Shell Trim
    Pamunkey Museum               on Caped Blouse
    King William, Virginia             (Back View)

Eastern Caped Blouses
Wrap Skirts & Cloth Leggings

These Eastern Style wrap skirts & leggings are worn today by Delaware (Lenape) women, as well as other eastern tribes. The style dates back to the time when women began replacing their deerskin skirts with newly-aquired woolen tradecloth. They began decorating their new woolen skirts with trade-silver brooches & ribbonwork panels.

Skirts and leggings can be made from gabardine or wool tradecloth.

Skirts start at $150, leggings start at $75, decorated with ribbonwork panels as shown.

Pricing examples:
Skirt (top left) in gabardine $150, leggings $75
Skirt (top right) in Tradecloth - $250, leggings $125
Skirt (bottom left) in gabardine $150, leggings $75

The back "hairbow" with long trailer worn by Delaware (Lenape) women is available starting at $75.

Caped Blouses of this style are worn by Delaware, Shawnee, Caddo, Potowatomi, & other tribes, with small differences in style.These blouses often have shells or small silver brooches (not included) sewn onto the flounce.
Caped blouses start at $125.

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Choctaw Dresses by Donna Sockey Pitts
Choctaw Dresses

Choctaw Dresses & shirts are one of the most distinctive tribal styles seen today. Mens & womens fashions are instantly recognizable by the rows of diamond or "mountain" trim. Both men & women wear beaded network collars. Women wear ribbon streamers hanging to the ground from a silver comb worn at the back of the head.

We're referring all requests for Choctaw dresses & mens shirts to Donna Sockey Pitts, a Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma member, who lives in the Oklahoma City metro area. Click on the link for her website:

Click Here for Donna Sockey Pitts
Choctaw Fashions Website

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Chickasaw Dresses by Lynn Stumblingbear

   Chickasaw Dress-back view
Lynn & "Louie" Stumblingbear

Chickasaw Dresses

Chickasaw Dresses are often seen in south-central Oklahoma today. The Chickasaw Nation of OK is headquartered in Ada, just SE of the Oklahoma City metro area.

Chickasaws also wear the beaded network collars, & women wear ribbon streamers hanging to the ground from a silver comb worn at the back of the head. They also wear ribbon streamers on the backs of their dresses. Creek ladies dress are also similar to Chickasaw's.

We're referring ALL requests for Chickasaw dresses to Lynn (Byrd) Stumblingbear, a Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma tribal member living in Wichita, KS.

The Chickasaw Nation operates Bedre Chocolate, Riverwind Casino just south of the OKC metro on I-35, Remington Park in OKC, & Windstar Casino at the Texas state line on I-35.

Lynn Stumblingbear - Phone# 316-461-6417

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Silver comb worn at back of head
Silver combs (similar to photo at left) are worn at the back of the head with Choctaw, Chickasaw, Shawnee, Caddo & other tribal dresses. Contact us for prices on custom-made crowns, available in real silver or German (trade) silver.

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Items Shown Below Are Not For Sale

Wind Clan Skirt     Sheer Cape
Seminole style piecework skirts and tops available by custom order only. Prices are based on time required to make design bands.

The Seminole ladies of Florida began making intricate piecework bands for their family's clothing after treadle-operated sewing machines became available around 100 years ago.

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Womens Traditional Cloth
Eastern & Southeastern styles

Items Shown Below Are Not For Sale

Delaware style wrap skirt, shirt, purse
cloth leggings & hair bow w/ trailer

Leggings for outfit at right

Close-up of Wild Rose
panel w/ Chickadees

Wrap skirt &
leggings for
Cherokee atty

Delaware style
Wrap skirt
Cloth leggings

Back view Delaware
or Shawnee style caped
blouse (Caddo style is similar)

Caped Blouse
Front View

Janet Littlecrow
in calf-length
Tear Dress

Janet's daughter April
modeling Tear Dress
for MAAIC Museum

2-Piece Tear Dress

Tear Dress

Mary Jane Harjo
Oklahoma Choctaw

Choctaw style dress
w/beaded collar

Childs Choctaw
style Dress/Apron

Toddler Size
Tear Dress

Skirt for
Seminole girl

Skirt for
Seminole girl

MAAIC Museum Reproduction
of 1930's Seminole Skirt

Unique bands on
Tear Dress

Tear Dress
w/ribbon decoration
& cloth belt

Two-piece Tear Dress

A Tear Dress class Janet taught
at Mid-America All Indian Center
Museum in Wichita KS. Noted Cherokee
basket maker Debra Laws on right.

Delaware-style faux wrap skirt, caped shirt, leggings, back hairbow & trailer

2 pc Tear Dress

Cherokee flag

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