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 Jingle Dress video (30 minutes) features powwow footage of champion dancers competing in straight & side-step dance contests. Footage from several Northern powwows, history & evolution of the dance, and instructions on making a jingle dress.

DVD $20 + shipping

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Isa Bravescout (Otoe & Comanche)
Gathering of Nations Grand Entry
Photo Courtesty-Gathering of Nations

McClelland Twins

A Brief History

Jingle Dresses were created a little over 100 years ago on an Ojibway reserve near the US/Canadian border. There are several slightly different versions of the dress's origination story. But a universal storyline is that the first dress was made for a very sick girl by a medicine man, who saw the dress in a vision. The dress was made, & the sick girl was healed by dancing in the dress. This dress is still considered sacred by many people, & is often called a "medicine dress".

This dress fell from popularity in the mid-1900's, but made a comeback in the 80's. It's now so popular that it's worn by tribes everywhere. The original dresses had cones made of rolled tobacco snuff can lids, but most cones used today are manufactured for this purpose.

In recent years, some old traditions have been ignored. In past years, a dancer was supposed to have permission from an Ojibway (Chippewa) to dance in a jingle dress. Seamstresses needed permission to make the dresses. The dancers never danced backwards. Many of us older folks still remember these original traditions, which are mostly ignored today among the powwow world.

Someone "invented" a new rule that says dresses are supposed to have 365 cones, to represent a prayer for each day of the year. While that's a nice idea, it's not traditional, according knowlegeable Ojibway families from the area of origin.

There's a good story about Jingle Dresses in an old Whispering Winds magazine, showing photos of some of the original dresses from Canada. You can also see some of the original dresses on the video sold above. The original dresses look NOTHING like the "Hollywood" outfits seen in the arena today.

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      2-Piece Dress

2-Piece Dress w/sheer sleeves & separate skirt
ready for a customer to add their own cones

      One-Piece Dresses

Pricing Guidelines

Dresses are made in a variety of fabrics, & can have sheer sleeves. Most dresses have a zipper in the front or back. Intricate designs are no problem. Dresses can be made with a separate skirt. Gold or silver cones available. Leggings & purses also available.

Prices for jingle dresses are based on time & designs & materials. Geometrics & simple florals are faster than elaborate florals.

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) of 2008, effective 2/2009 restricts the use of items formerly used on regalia for children under age 13.

Toddler dresses without cones - starting at $75
Sm Girls sizes without cones - starting at $150
Older Girls sizes without cones - starting at $200

Teen & Adult dress & leggings with cones
Price range $500-$800
Dresses without cones start at $300

Prices depend on number of cones, difficulty of design, & cost of fabrics. Dancers can save by (properly) threading or adding their own cones themselves.

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Cloth Leggings

Front zipper or Velcro closure
Boot-top (shown @ left) starting at $60

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Girls Jingle Dresses




      Girls jingle dresses ready for cones.

Adult Jingle Dresses



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