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Red & Blue Blankets Shown at left

For Native American Church or gourd dancing.

Cotton/polyester blend robes w/cotton edging, ribbonwork band acrosss center back of neck.
Hand wash. 100" X 24" wide (12" folded). $75

We make longer (120"-$85) or shorter robes by request.

Add military service patches - $7 ea.

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Gourd Dance Sashes

Velvet sash w/ 14" Antique Gold fringe.
Other fringe colors available by request.
Various sizes. Dry Clean. $30 + shipping

Colors normally available:
Red / Dk Red
Dark / Royal Blue
1/2 Red & 1/2 Blue

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2. Style & Pricing Information

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Straight Dance Concho Drag

We've created this concho drag for straight dancers, our latest affordable alternative for dancers on a tight budget. We've used German silver or brass conchos, mounted on a sturdy black or natural color leather base that won't twist or flip around when dancing.

This concho drag compares to the traditional choices of a real otter fur drag for $350+ or a stamped & punched hairplate concho set for $250+.

Black Leather Concho Drags $150 (Shown at left)
Natural Leather Concho Drag $140

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Straight Dance Otter Tail

The Otter Tail or Drag is an essential part of a man's Straight Dance Outfit. Wool tradecloth otter tails have design on edges, with contrast stitching to compliment your outfit.

$175 Labor & materials, NOT including otter fur

Otter Pelts long enough for otter tails are
currently running $200-$400+ depending on size,
quality & supplier. Customers can furnish pelt.


River otters are NOT an endangered species.

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Otter Turbans

See more info on Turbans/Roaches page under "Mens" category on the main menu.

Traditional style common among woodland & some
plains tribes, this turban features real otter fur.
Worn only by chiefs & descendants in SOME tribes.

100% wool tradecloth base with colorfast
100% polyester satin edging & contrast stitching.

Hidden "Velcro" closure on bottom edge underneath tail allows for minor adjustment (1/2") to exact head size.

The second photo shows an otter turban with beadwork medallions and ribbon decoration (not included).

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Gourd dancers entering the arena in Oklahoma City.
These men are part of a Comanche group who wear
red on the right side instead of the left, as most.

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Red & Blue Robes
& Gourd Dance Bandoliers

Red & Blue robes for Native American Church, gourd dancing & other ceremonial use. Cotton blend sportswear robes (#1-#2) w/cotton edging are hand washable. Robes generally run 100-104" long (up to 118" by special order), 24" wide (12" folded). We try to keep cotton blend robes & bandoliers in stock, but they sell quickly. Shipping not included.

Veterans can add 1-5 military service patches for $10. Special embroidery available.

Gourd dance bandoliers (2 strand) shown in #2 made w/real bone w/imitation mescal bean beads. $80 Unable to find stock currently.

#1 - Cotton blend robes with center ribbonwork 104" $75 ea

#1 - Real bone & imitation mescal bean Gourd Dance bandolier $80

#2 - EXAMPLE of military patches added to robe

#3 - 100% Wool Tradecloth robe 118"x24" (12" folded) Starting at $250 Special Order.

#4 - Wool Blend robe 116-120"x24" (12" folded) Starting at $200 Special Order

#5 - Real bone & imitation mescal bean bandolier $80 Not in stock

#6-7 - 100% Wool Elaborate robe made for a tribal chairman to wear in Red Earth parade.

Jr boys robe 72" X 18" (9" folded) $50 (Not Shown)

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Native American Church Robe

Red & Blue blanket for tipi meetings. A variety of waterbirds & other NAC-relevant designs available.

This style is generally 104" long (up to 118" by special order), 24" wide (12" folded), and designed to be worn around the neck. Other styles & sizes available for regional preference.

Cotton/Polyester w/cotton edging. Hand wash.
$75 + shipping

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Gourd Dance Sashes

Velvet sash w/ 14" Antique Gold fringe.
Other fringe colors available by request.
Various sizes. Dry Clean.
$30 + shipping

Colors available are red, burgundy,
1/2 red & 1/2 blue, black, dark blue,
royal blue, purple, turquoise, green.

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Mens Roaches

We occasionally have roaches for sale,
but we don't make them.

How To Make A Porky Roach

This terrific DVD video shows you how to make your own porcupine or horsehair roach. It's easier than you think, you just need a little time & patience. Since quality roaches are now priced well over $300, this video is great for budget-concious people!
$20 + shipping.

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Cedar & Tobacco Bags

Tobacco bags are a great place for dancers to stash their keys & dollar bills when dancing.

Cedar bags are larger, and available with a variety of decoration. Prices & sizes vary, custom order or see Section #1 above for in-stock items.

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Men's Southern Breastplates

Southern breastplates tend to run little shorter than northern breastplates. Breastplates in real bone & glass beads (shown) run $300-$400, depending on number of bones & beads.
Breastplastes are normally custom ordered.

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Straight Dance Bandoliers

Our bandoliers are made with real bone & glass beads.

Straight Dance bandoliers are normally worn in pairs. They're often 3-4 strands wide for adult men, 2 strands wide for boys.

Photo at left shows straight dancers in Grand Entry.

Bandoliers are normally custom ordered.
$300-$400 per set (2 bandoliers) + shipping

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Drumstick Bags

Shown at left

Drumstick bags in canvas, cotton/poly sportswear or wool blend tradecloth.

$25-$50 + shipping

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3. Photo Archive Section

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Items Shown Below Are Not For Sale

Mens Accessories

Three Color
Otter Turban

Boys Otter Turban
Imitation Otter

Gold & Blue
Otter Turban

Blue & Black
Otter Turban

Gold & Burgundy
Otter Turban

Northern Breastplate

Mens Southern

Close-up view of
Otter Drag

Otter Drag
with Conchos




Mens Porcupine
Hair Roach

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