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See Regalia Pricing Guidelines Below

We're located in rural north central Oklahoma, several miles from the tiny town of Red Rock, on reservation land of the Otoe-Missouria Tribe of Oklahoma. We're nearly 100 miles N of Oklahoma City, 100 miles W of Tulsa, & 100 miles S of Wichita, Kansas. If you want to visit, contact us IN ADVANCE for driving directions & to be sure we're here! Don't hop in your car & expect to call us from the highway, because cell service is pretty patchy out here.


EMAIL us at or call (580) 723-9244 10 am-5:30 pm Mon-Fri Central Time. Leave a message if we don't answer. We take orders via email or by phone, and take credit card payments over the phone. You can usually reach us by phone during business hours. We're also here on some Saturdays between 10 am & 4 pm, but may leave to pick up supplies or attend a powwow.

WE DON'T ALWAYS KEEP REGULAR BUSINESS HOURS. We're pretty remote out here and have to drive to area towns for banking & shipping services during business hours. Janet has obligations on the tribal housing commission, and may attend meetings in Tulsa or Oklahoma City. Folks from the other reservations in our area always call us before they drive over, and we don't get a lot of other foot traffic due to our remote location. So you can't always reach us, but chances are you will. We'll often return calls later in the evening if you leave a message while we're gone. We pick up emails day & night, if the weather doesn't knock out our satellite internet service (I told ya we're remote!)


No down payment is required to place an order. All orders over $100 require 1/2 down payment when we're ready to purchase fabric. Orders using skins must pay for the skins in full before work is started. The remaining payment & shipping/ insurance charges are due before anything ships. Orders using family designs & non-saleable items must be paid IN FULL before work is started.


There is normally a 1-9 month waiting period for orders, depending on the time of year. We're always backed up with powwow season orders by early April, but will attempt to work in as many orders as possible. Our slow time of year is the first few weeks after Christmas, but repeat customers often schedule "whole family" orders during this time. Large summer weddings also schedule their orders during this time. It's VERY difficult to work summer wedding orders into the schedule once powwow season starts again in March. So PLEASE plan in advance.

We DO NOT promise "finish dates" under any circumstances, because unavoidable delays do happen and it's very hard to gauge how long some orders will take. Orders are filled on a 1st come/1st served basis except when similar orders can be grouped together. If you placed an order but haven't heard from us in months, we've probably tried to contact you unsuccessfully. Keep in touch with us, because we won't continue trying to contact you. If a customer is unable to pay for their order when we're ready to start, their order will be postponed until we can get back to it.

PAYMENT: We accept credit & debit cards, money orders & personal checks. Personal checks & money orders will be held until cleared by the bank. Large orders from bona fide school districts, legitimate tribes and bona fide non-profits can provide Purchase Order & proper documentation for possible waiver of down payment requirement. All orders must be PAID IN FULL before shipment.


We ship to Canada regularly. Foreign orders must be paid by credit card; credit card companies do the currency conversion. Canadian BANK CHECKS issued in US funds are accepted. We accept Western Union payments from Canadian customers who live in remote areas where travel to a bank for payment is a hardship. We don't recommend paying for overnight shipments to Canada, because they rarely get through customs overnight, and shipping is non-refundable due to Customs. We can't guarantee mail shipments to Canada or internationally, so we recommend using Fed-Ex for valuable shipments.


We will exchange UNWORN standard belts or dance bells. We may exchange unworn regalia at our discretion. We DO NOT issue refunds. We're not responsible if you changed your mind or broke up with your girlfriend. We email photos & measurements before the sale so that you know exactly what you're getting. We are NOT responsible for incorrect measurements from customers - a BRA size of 44 isn't the same as BUST measurement of 44.

We do not refund down payments for orders that are cancelled after we've started. The customer will retain full credit for a future order. We won't store finished orders indefinately for people who don't make the final payment on their order. Finished orders which are not paid for by the customer within 30 days of attempted notificaion may be sold without refund, unless arrangements are made.

If we attempt to notify you but your phone is disconnected, you don't return our calls, you don't answer your phone & your voice mailbox full, or your email is returned or unanswered, we will only continue attempting to contact you for 30 days. If we've notified you already, we won't continue trying to contact you for payment. If you have an order with us, it's your responsibilty to remain in contact with us, and it's your responsiblity to pay for your order when it's done. Always leave us with an alternate phone number in case we can't reach your cell.


We ship U.S. Priority Mail (2-3 day service) to residences, businesses & post office boxes. Express Mail (1-2 day delivery) is available. STANDARD USPS RATES APPLY TO SHIPPING. All shipping and insurance charges are the responsibility of the customer and must be paid before shipping. Delivery Confirmation or Insurance are required on all shipments. We are NOT responsible for uninsured packages.

Delivery Confirmation - $.65
Insurance charges for Priority Mail parcels are as follows:
Under $50 - $1.70
$50 -$100 - $2.15
$100-$200 - $2.60
$200-$300 - $4.60
$300-$400 - $5.55
$400-$500 - $6.50
$500-$600 - $7.45
$600-$5000 - $7.45 + $.95 per $100 over $600 declared value

We can ship FedX, but the nearest FedEx shipping center is 30 miles away. A $15 time & fuel surcharge may apply to unplanned FedEx shipments. The deadline for FedEx shipments is 5:30 pm Central Time. We will not refund shipments which are not delivered as scheduled, if they are not refunded to us by the carrier. We don't ship via UPS because an overnight shipment in Feb 2008 was handled so unbelievably badly.


We use quality, durable fabrics in our regalia, and use washable fabrics whenever possible. We do not recommend that customers buy their own fabric, because unknown fabrics may have colors that bleed, or may shrink more than normal. Please check with us before purchasing fabric.

Regalia using metalic or sequined fabrics are fragile, easily damaged by rough handling or wear. These beautiful fabrics have a limited lifespan and are not intended for traditional regalia that will be passed down to another generation. NEVER touch a hot iron directly to a metalic or sequined surface, protect by covering with a handkerchief. Metalics should be hand washed, not dry cleaned.

We aren't responsibile for items damaged from improper care or made with fabric purchased by the customer. Hand washing is appropriate for most items, machine washing & drying is NOT recommended. Please inquire if in doubt.

We use top quality animal skins from reliable suppliers, but imperfections are inherent to natural materials. Items made with hand-tanned skins may incur extra labor costs since they may be more difficult to work with. We are not expert furriers and can't promise professional results when piecing furs and skins provided by customers.


Full payment in advance will NOT move your order ahead of others on the waiting list who have already made their down payments. NO EXCEPTIONS! Your money isn't any greener than the person in line ahead of you. We WILL cancel orders from customers who are unusually impatient or who attempt to bully us. We reserve the right to refuse orders for regalia which is not appropriate for authentic Native American gatherings, or which is outside of our normal range of inventory.

More Questions? Email Us !

tipiEmail us at

These Items Are Not For Sale
Prices Are Approximate - Shipping Not Included
Click On Picture For Larger Image

Men's Southern Straight Dance (Southern Traditional)
Apron Sets, Vests & Cloth Leggings

Back view shown, front apron is same as back, without trailer. Four-color ribbonwork OR floral applique. All pieces are fully lined to prevent stretching, skin irritation and sweat damage to wool. Prices quoted here are for 100% Wool Banded Broadcloth.

Starting Prices...
Ribbonwork or Appliqued Apron Set (Front / back aprons & trailer) $265
Ribbonwork or Appliqued Vest $265
Ribbonwork or Appliqued Leggings $265

Banded Edge Wool Broadcloth colors generally available are:
Black Navy Red Green Turq Yellow Ivory Purple Orange Burgundy Pink Large Selection Of Ribbonwork Colors Available

 Men's Buckskin Leggings

Prices DO NOT Include Skins

Side Fringed Leggings LABOR ONLY- $100

Tab Leggings, shown finished with satin tab lining, horsehair tassels, edge beading along tabs, peyote beadwork on tassels. As of Aug 2004, we are not taking orders for finished beaded tab leggings until further notice. Unfinished tab leggings without beadwork, satin lining, or horsehair tassels are still available for the same price as fringed leggings listed above.

Men's Southern Straight Dance Otter Tail
Men's & Women's Otter Turbans

The Otter Tail is an essential part of a man's Straight Dance Outfit. Otter Turbans are traditionally styled after the fashions worn by men and women of many tribes in the past. Today, they are most often worn by dancers from the Woodland & Southern Plains tribes, often by those who are Chief's Descendants.

Wool tradecloth otter tails and turbans have design on edges, with contrast stitching to compliment your outfit. Turbans have a hidden adjustable closure on bottom edge under tail, to allow for a perfect fit.

The examples shown here have beadwork & rhinestone trim added (not included). Real otter furs run $200 - $350 per skin, depending on quality & size. The cost of otter skins is additional to the labor & material charge for these items. We can purchase otters for customers, or customers can supply their own real or immitation otter fur. We do not work with untanned otter skins.

Otter Tail - LABOR ONLY $150
Otter Turban - LABOR ONLY $175

Womens Ribbonwork Skirt & Shawl

This style of dress is worn by many woodland tribes. Depending on tribe and personal preference, the ribbonwork panels may run down the front, along the bottom, or down the side of a side-wrap skirt. Matching shawls, back trailers and flat purses are also available. These skirts are normally worn with a straight lined "Indian" shirt of satin, lace, or other elegant fabric. Prices vary depending on amount of labor and cost and availablity of fabrics.

Prices for Four-Color Ribbonwork on gabardine base fabric
Add $75 per yard for 100% Wool Broadcloth Base Fabric

Skirt - Double Front Panel, Single Bottom Panel - $150-$300
Skirt - Double Front Panel - $125-$200
Skirt - Single Bottom Panel or Side-Wrap w/Panel - $125-200
Adult Shawl - Approx 65" X 30"(folded) - $125-$300
Adult 1/2 Shawl to carry only - $50-$100
Adult Shirt - "Indian" style, satin, cotton, lace - $55-$75
Purse - Flat purse w/ braid handle - $50-$75
Trailer Up to 36" length - $50-$75
Cloth Leggings - Wrap leggings - $50-$75
Neck Scarf, satin, lace, metalic $12

Girls Skirt, Shirt, 1/2 Shawl (2nd photo) Size 7-12 $250
Toddler Skirt, Shirt, 1/2 Shawl (3rd photo) Size 1-6X $150

 Ladies Jingle Dress

Dress in satin or cotton/poly blend, with sheer sleeves if desired. Gold or silver cones available, zipper front or back, intricate designs no problem. $400 - $700 range, depends on number of cones, difficulty of design, and cost of fabric. Matching zip-front leggings available for $50-$75. Matching purses available for $50-$100. Customers are encouraged to thread their own cones for cost savings and scheduling ease.

Ladies Fancy Shawl

Satin, metalic, sequined and holographic fabrics embelish contempoary or traditional designs of your choice. Shawl and circular skirt are lined in contrasting fabric. Shawl has ribbon fringe from 18"-24". Matching designs on satin skirt, leggings, and cape/vest. Matching long-sleeve shirt with solid or sheer sleeves available. Intricate designs no problem.

Prices start at $250 for Girls, starting at $400 for Pre-Teen, starting at $500 for Teen & Adult sizes. "Competition Quality" teen & adult outfits normally run $600-$700. Actual price depends on cost of material & hours of work. Florescent ribbon available at additional cost.

            Erika Flying Hawk

Mens Grass Dance Outfit

Yarn or ribbon on shirt, aprons, matching side-drops & cuffs, pants. Intricate designs no problem. Teen & Adults sizes generally run $400 - &700, depending on fabrics and amount of labor. "Competition Quality" outfits generally run a little higher.

Grass Dance outfits can be ordered without yarn (at a reduced price), and customers can add the yarn themselves. This turquoise outfit shown at left was ordered without yarn, and the dancer (Rev. John Abrams of SC) added his own yarn. Great job, John!

 Ladies Appliqued T-Dress & Matching Shawl

Multi-color designs of your choice on a satin, gabardine, or cottons. Matching shawl is heavily fringed on all four sides. T-Dress pricess starting at $125, depending on fabric and amount of labor. Matching shawl starting at $115.

Tear Dress

This dress style was adopted by the Cherokee Nation here in Oklahoma in 1975. Our dresses are made with bold cotton prints and bright accent colors on the appliqued bands. Choose diamonds, diamonds with crosses (old Cherokee basket design), 7-pointed Cherokee Stars, or mountain designs (often requested by Eastern band) designs on the appliqued bands.

These dresses take MANY hours to make, because we don't skip the original details like ruffles on top of the yoke and dress bottom. Our dreses are made loose without the original inset waist, and come with a matching fabric belt. Request original 3/4 length sleeves or long sleeves, original mid-calf length or ankle-length skirt.

These dresses are made the traditional way using squares & rectangles based on your measurements. WE DO NOT USE A COMMERCIAL PATTERN to make our dresses. Traditional cotton calicos are harder to find than ever, so expect to be flexible on your color choices. Prices start at $250 for teen and adult sizes. Wedding dresses available with adequate notice.

        Ribbon Dress

This "A-line" style of dress is often called a Ribbon Dress in the eastern states. We introduced our ORIGINAL DESIGN in 2004, using designs from our traditional Tear Dresses. Design shown here is a traditional basketwork diamond & cross design, running along the sleeve and hem edges. Ribbon streamers were added to this dress in the front and back.

The matching shawl also has the diamond and cross design across the width of the shawl. Ribbon Dress $150. Matching Shawls $115-$125 heavily fringed on all 4 sides with 14" fringe.

 Ladies Caped Blouse

These caped blouses (back view show) were adopted from the Pennsylvania Dutch women, and are worn by the women of tribes as diverse at the Delaware, Shawnee, and Caddo. These are made from cotton & polyester blends, or washable polyester satins. Cowrie shells (shown) or silver conchos are often sewn onto the capes of these blouses (available for an extra charge). These blouses are generally worn with a large silver brooch at the front closure. We don't keep these large brooches in stock, so allow 1 - 2 weeks for delivery. Caped blouses start at $100, silver brooches, shells and labor to sew them on extra.