Ladies Woodlands Ribbonwork Outfits

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Sunrise Ross (Otoe & Creek)

Iowa Tribe Princess 2006

Georgia Koshiway (Otoe & Creek)

Sheryl Stinnett at
Muckleshoot Powwow

A Brief History

Ribbonwork skirts trace their roots back to the time when woolen tradecloth became available to Eastern Woodlands tribes. Many women wrapped the fabric around them in the fashion of their deerskin skirts, and secured the top with fingerwoven or deerskin belts. These early skirts were decorated with deer antler buttons, shells, and German-silver brooches they obtained from traders.

Ribbonwork panels date back to the early 1800's, when Native women began layering wide silk ribbons on top of one another, and cutting designs into the top ribbons. This style of dress is worn by women from many woodland tribes today, although modern fabrics are often used instead of silk ribbons. This art is purely Native in origin; European women had never used silk ribbons in this manner. See example of silk ribbonwork below.

Native women also learned cloth applique methods from their European immigrant neighbors who were expert quiltmakers. Native women adapted tribal decoration styles to the new materials and techniques to create large floral styles of "ribbonwork". Native fashions changed as these new clothing arts spread throughout the woodland tribes. New tribal fashions were born, as tribes and families created and claimed designs as their own.

Important Note! NEVER copy designs! Designs are considered personal (or tribal) property. If you copy someone's personal or family design, the owner of that design has the right to take the offending piece of clothing from you, because it's considered theft, the same as if you had stolen a piece of clothing. At the very least, you're in for a good public chewing out in front of the whole powwow.

Depending on a woman's tribe (and personal preference), ribbonwork panels may run down the front, along the left or right side of the skirt, or along the bottom of the skirt only. Many tribes have "rules" about how their clothing is decorated, as this is how tribes identify themselves to each other. Most tribes carry matching shawls for powwow dancing, and some wear trailers down the back of their shirts. Purses of various sizes, styles and materials are often carried with these outfits. Many tribes wear straight lined "Indian" shirts of satin, lace and other elegant fabrics, while other tribes wear shirts with flounced collars, a style adapted from the Pennsylvania Dutch.

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Items Shown Below Are Not For Sale

Outfit shown in photo above

Pricing Guidelines

Prices quoted here are ranges, based on 4-Color Ribbonwork panels on polyester gabardine base fabric, like outfit shown at left:

      * Red straight-lined Indian shirt
      * Back Trailer
      * Skirt - Double-wide center &
            single-wide bottom panels
      * Full fringed shawl w/14" fringe

Prices for ribbonwork outfits based on time & designs. Geometrics & simple florals are faster than elaborate florals. Edging along panels adds extra time & cost.

      Gabardine base fabric   100% Wool Tradecloth

Ribbonwork Skirt
Double-wide Center Panel
Single Bottom Panel

1st Photo ($250 as shown)
Gabardine Base Fabric
Prices start at $225

2nd Photo ($350 as shown)
100% Banded Wool Tradecloth Base Fabric
Prices start at $300


Ribbonwork Skirt
Double-wide Center Panel
Double-wide Bottom Panel
Gabardine Base Fabric ($300 as shown)
Prices start at $275

Double Front Panel Only (not shown)
Prices start at $200

Isabelle Brown-Pamunkey Museum Director
Mother of Chief Kevin Brown @ historic
Pamunkey Reserve, King William, Virginia

Wool-blend Tradecloth     100% Wool Tradcloth

Side Wrap Skirts Shown at left

Single Side Panel Wrap Skirt on Gabardine
Prices starting at $150, price depends on decoration

Black ribbonwork skirt example shown at left $150

Wool-blend Tradecloth side-wrap skirt (Below left $225)
Prices starting at $225, price depends on decoration

100% Wool 7-band Tradecloth side-wrap skirts
(Below right $275)
Prices start at $275, price depends on size & decoration

Cloth Leggings Shown at left

Wrap Around Style, Lined, Velcro Closure

Gabardine Base Fabric $75+
As shown at top photo at left $75

Wool-blend Banded Tradecloth
(Not Shown) $95

100% Wool Banded Tradecloth
As shown in right photo $125




Gabardine Base Fabric
($200 shown in 1st photo)
4-color Ribbonwork Panel on 60-70" Shawl
Fringed heavily on 4 sides w/14" fringe
Prices start at $150

100% Wool Tradecloth Fabric
($275 as shown in 2nd photo)
Single Thickness of 7-band Wool Tradecloth,
fringed on 3 sides - Prices starting at $250

Half-shawl (Polyester Gabardine) Prices start at $75

    Shirts & Blouses

Ladies shirts in washable satin, lace or cotton blend start at $65 in regular sizes, may run higher depending on cost of fabric. Black satin shirt shown at left has small nickle silver brooches sewn onto yoke in an old style of decoration. Brooches & labor to sew them on are extra.



Cloth Purses

Purse - Flat purse w/ braid handle start at $75
($75 as shown in Top left)

4-color Ribbonwork Shaped Purse start at $75 (Top rigth)

Wool-blend Tradecloth, bone & glass bead fringe
Prices start at $80 as shown (Bottom left)

7-band Wool Tradecloth
Prices start at $90 (Bottom right)
Custom embroidery not included in price


Trailers Shown at left

Ribbonwork Trailers start at $75
Trailers in 7-band wool tradecloth start at $75
Often worn down back of shirt w/Ribbonwork outfits.

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3. Photo Archive Section
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Items Shown Below Are Not For Sale - Prices For Reference Only

Ladies Woodlands Ribbonwork Outfits

Elaborate skirt

Elaborate shawl

Shirt, Brooches extra

Simple Shawl

Simple skirt

Skirt back view

Broadcloth skirt

Back view skirt

Broadcloth Shawl-Fringed

Broadcloth Purse

Infant skirt

Roses Skirt $150

Back view Roses Skirt

Angela Oybei

Honor Blanket for Skirt Below

Floral Skirt
& Full Shawl

Ancient SE design
Girls Skirt Shirt

SE 4 Directions

Half-shawl w/ribbon
Purse w/bone fringe

Ponca girl's Skirt
Shirt & Full shawl

Very Elaborate
Tradecloth skirt for
Iowa Tribe Princess

Teen Shirt-Trailer-Skirt-Shawl-Purse

Elaborate floral

Angela Oybei

Girls Skirt, shirt & trailer

Sac & Fox Grape
Leaves Design
Skirt & Shawl

Wrap skirt & leggings
Gabardine base fabric
Skirt, Leggings

Jr Teen Girls skirt,
shirt & full shawl

Toddler skirt, shirt & scarf $75
$100 outfit w/half-shawl

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