Ladies Dance Shawls

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1. For Sale - In Stock
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We always have plain shawls in stock ready for custom decoration by us,
and consignment shawls, also inexpensive ones suitable for giveaways

Girls "serape" shawls - $45 ea ALL SOLD
44" wide, 22" long without fringe

Girls Butterflies shawl - $50 SOLD
44" wide, ribbon fringe

Embroidered shawls by Lynn Stumblingbear.
Pale pink shawl fringe on white polyester shawl, embroidered with delicate roses $195 SOLD

Perfect for "natural fabrics" lovers, this wringle-ease type cotton shawl should be cool even in the summer. $195 SOLD

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2. Style & Pricing Information

 We always have a variety of shawls that are fringed & ready to decorate with designs of your choice. Contact us for current stock.

Shawls are 28-30" long (w/o fringe), & most are 62"-66" wide. Our shawls are fringed heavily on all four sides with 14" fringe. Shawls can be special ordered to size, up to 70" wide, with 14" fringe, flat fringe or 18" fringe. Using fringe other than 14" standard fringe will affect price.

Shawls - Fringed & Undecorated - $90

Prices for Decorated & Fringed Shawls
Shawl w/simple designs - Starting @ $125
Shawl w/Medium designs - Starting @ $150
Shawl w/Elaborate designs) - Starting @ $175
Shawl w/Ultimate designs) - $250-500


Peggy Kinder (Citizen Potawatomi) has been tying shawl fringe for about 40 years.

In past years, many ladies shawls were tied with several rows of designs knotted into the fringe. This is the reason that pre-cut shawl fringe comes in 18" length.

Many ladies still love those elegant shawls of the past. If you'd like to hire Peggy to fringe shawls or tie fringe for you, you can contact Peggy directly at 816-392-3732 (Kansas City metro) or email her at

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See Photo Album Below for Pricing Examples

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3. Photo Archive Section
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Ladies Dance Shawls

Items Shown Below Are Not For Sale - Shown as examples of custom work

Prices are listed as examples of custom decoration prices

Four Directions $125

Arrow Design $150

Bears & SE 4-Directions $150

Bear Clan $125

Childs Butterflies $80

Center Strip $125

Cherokee Diamond & Cross
$125-150 (# of colors)

Choctaw Diamonds $150

1850's Delaware Design $175

Elaborate Large Floral $150

Running Floral Design $150

Elaborate Large Floral
w/edging $150-$275

Girls Butterfly/Geometric $75

Geometric $125-150

Tradecloth Honor Blanket
Starting at $450

Floral Band (Simple)

Horses & Crosses $125

Running Suede Horses $125

Elaborate Floral Designs
w/edging $150-275

Lakota Style Designs $150

Ultimate Geometric Design
w/24" ribbon fringe $500

50 Piece Design $500

Phoenix & Cherokee Stars $150

Phoenix & SE 4-Directions $150

Pueblo Pottery Style $150

4-Color Ribbonwork

Seminole-style Piecework $150

Waterbirds & Morning Star

Morning Stars $125

Star Quilt Design $175

Calico Star Quilt $175

Sun Dance Shawl $125

Cherokee Diamond/Cross $150

Pink & Purple Turtles $150

Cherokee Star Turtles $150

Ancient SE Pottery $150

Yellow Geometric (Simple)

Large Waterbirds $150

Red & Blue Waterbirds $150

Serape Shawl $150
Great for cold nights

Elaborate Floral $150

Native American Church $150

Native American Church $150

Native American Church $150

Toddler Shawl $50

Navy & white birds/floral $150

Four-color Ribbonwork
(Medium) $150-300

Navy & Pink Floral $150

Modern Art Horses $150

Waterbirds & Florals $175

Native American Church $150

Princess - Special Order

Military - Special Order

Butterflies $125

Ancient SE Wave $150

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